Below you can find a step-by-step description of the application procedure. Please read it carefully!

We kindly remind you that this is the only possible way of application accepted by the EM SECRET Consortium. Any application sent via e-mail or post will be invalid and excluded from the evaluation procedure.

Step 1: Eligibility check

Check if you meet the
eligibility criteria. Non eligible applications will not be evaluated. The eligibility will be checked on the basis of the documents that applicants uploaded with their application.

Step 2: Available scholarship within Erasmus Mundus SECRET

Check the
available scholarships and their duration

Step 3: Host University

Choose the
Host University
and the academic program among the academic programs available at every Host University and check the language, the academic requirements and the admission conditions at the host university for the program that chosen.
In order to be hosted by university of your choice you need to fulfil all the entry requirements.
Please do not hesistate to get in touch with the appropiate contact person metioned in the form in order to agree on your Learning Agreement/Activity Plan input.

Interested applicants from other fields of study/reserach can also apply for a scholarship but, in case of equally ranked applications, priority will be given to the student majoring in a prioritized by the EM SECRE project and host university field of study.

Please notice that mobility is only allowed between GCC to EU and EU to GCC. There is no possibility of mobility between only GCC or only EU institutions.

Step 4: Registration

By providing your family and first name as well as your e-mail address and password you can simply register to our application site. The system will generate an automatic email which will be send to the email address that you have just provided. Please follow the instruction in the email in order to access application form.

In order to register please click on the link 'register yourself', which is located just above the 'apply now' for each level of mobility.

Step 5: Online application form

After you log in, you will find the online application which includes section as follows:

  • Personal Details

  • Language Skills

  • Mobility (Activity Plan*)

  • Academic Qualification (CV*)

  • Recommendation and Motivation

  • Other information

*Please note that if a template is provided for an attachment, applicant shall use that template.
If the document requests a signature, please upload the scanned copy of the signed document.
All documents must be uploaded in the PDF format. All certificates and degrees must be stamped by the issuing institution. Please note that documents that are not in English must be accompanied with certified translated copies.
 Please note that no additional documents are accepted after the deadline, except for additional official language certificates (IELTS etc.).

Step 6: Scanned copy of degree certificate(s)

Please upload the scanned copy of your higher education degree(s). We request only the copy of full study programmes (bachelor or master degree, university degree, etc.). Please do not upload copies of certificates for short programmes.  If you have not finished you studies yet please upload your latest transcript of records.

Step 7: Proof of English language knowledge

Please refer to language requirements of the host university that you are interested in the
Info Sheets.

Step 8:  Learning Agreement/Activity Plan

Please notice that fully completed Learning Agreement/Activity Plan is required to evaluate your application. In the Activity Plan you should describe activities that will be undertaken at host university during your mobility period and the expected outcome. Learning Agreement/Activity Plan needs to be approved by your home university (if applicable) and host university. Template of the Learning Agreement/Activity Plan can be downloaded from
Downloads section. Contact details of the Partner Institution are avilable in the Info Sheets.
Please notice that if you are applying as the independent scholarship holder there is no requirement of signature from home institution.

Step 9: Motivation letter
There is no special format for motivation letter.  Maximum length is 1 page.

Step 10: Letters of Recommendation

Applicants are required to submit letter of recommendation provided by supervisor/manager.

Step 11: Declaration on eligibility for EM scholarship

Each applicant is required to declare his/her eligibility for EM scholarships which is included in the EM SECRET application.

Step 12: Declaration of reliability of information included into the application package

By putting tick into the box next the declaration text, the applicant declares that all the information you included into the application package are true and reliable and you are aware that false declarations entail the loss of the achieved benefits and that they lead to prosecution.


By completing all the required fields (marked with bullet) of the application and clicking on the ‘Save’ button (which will appear only after all requires field will be completed), applicant finishes the application procedure. Please note that after submission, you won’t have access to your application package and you won’t be able to amend it. All the information you saved will be summarized within a .PDF and will be send to your email address. During the application procedure, you can save your application data by clicking on the save button without submitting it so you can return and continue the preparation of your application package.

For any further question please visit
Frequently Asked Question section.

Now you are ready to start the
application procedure
. Please go for registration. If you already registered earlier you can skip this step and log in.

Should you face any technical difficulties related to this site, please send us an e-mail to





This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.Erasmus Mundus SECRET is coordinated by City University London, UK.

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